Our Team

Our Team

We’re a motley group of feisty, hard-headed, whole-hearted individuals
who believe that stories have the power to inspire change.

Our team

  1. denise

    Denise Oliveiro

    When not conjuring up magic in the edit suite, Denise indulges in anime and writes about her travels. She loves seeing authenticity and beauty come through in a story. Her superpower could very well be her sense of wonder and adventure. She knows about keeping calm when her car's hanging off a cliff, but can't start a conversation with a stranger to save her life. So if you see her, say hi before she falls off that cliff.​ denise@ourbetterworld.org

  2. Devender Singh

    Devender Singh

    Always thinking about how technology can change the lives of people around him, Devender takes care of the team’s tech development. The avid runner loves all kind of sports, especially cricket, and enjoys listening to music with meaningful lyrics. The Faridabad native who describes himself as an easy going person and a peaceful mind, enjoys making new friends and tackling life and work with passion. devender.singh@ourbetterworld.org

  3. Ee Lin Ong

    "Perhaps I should put my skills to good use," came the random thought on a hike in Europe. So Eelin decided to use skills honed in the advertising world with us, bartering content for audience, connections for more connections, and data analyses for coffee. She loves the stories, lives for the moment when a new partnership is forged, and is secretly proud that she is making a small impact in the world. eelin@ourbetterworld.org

  4. Grace Baey

    When she's not at a coffee shop chatting with old uncles, Grace loves to wander the streets in search of stories to tell with her words or with her camera. A human geographer by training, she believes that the best way to learn is through the soles of one's feet. Ever inquisitive and always game for an adventure, she lives life on the go and tries to never lose the wonder. grace@ourbetterworld.org 

  5. Joshua Lye

    A recovering journalist, endeavouring father and aspiring retiree, Josh loves to find and tell stories of courage, resolve and people helping other people. Having lived in five countries, he’s fluent in all types of eating. In his free time, he makes crème brulee that has been described (by a solitary anonymous reviewer who’s dependent on him for pocket money) as “the best in the world”. He never has free time. josh@ourbetterworld.org

  6. Mai Tatoy

    Mai finds interesting ways to involve the community in the stories we tell. After years in PR for international broadcasters, she switched from communications to community, and from on-air to online. What does the Manila girl like most about her job? The thrill of seeing a story change everyone it comes in contact with. Mai loves to sing in church, bake at home and eat anywhere. She’s also deathly afraid of frogs. mai@ourbetterworld.org

  7. Noel Situ

    A self-confessed comic book nerd, Noel is also an adrenaline junkie who rock climbs whenever he can. He is also a fervent technologist and believer in big data, and handles all things digital and analytical for the team. Originally in corporate finance, Noel joined Our Better World to use his abilities for good. As someone once said, with great power, comes great responsibility. noel@ourbetterworld.org

  8. Noelle

    Noelle Perera

    An analogue girl in a digital world, Noelle reads books made of paper, writes with pencils, and can people-watch for hours. But she works almost exclusively online and as keeper of our social media keys, she has slowly become a digital advocate. She’s repeatedly seen the combination of people, stories and social media achieving real good, so she taps that magic to fulfil her little-girl dream: change the world. noelle@ourbetterworld.org

  9. Rebecca Lim

    Passionate and purposeful, Rebecca combines an eye for opportunities with her love for people as head of the team. A three-year stint in India changed the Singaporean’s life and led her to enter the non-profit space. An eternal optimist, she wants to impact lives globally. If you want her on your side, get her Stroopwafel. But don’t challenge her in ping pong. You have no chance with her wingspan. Trust us on this. rebecca@ourbetterworld.org

  10. Shubhpreet Kaur

    Shubh handles our operations and is also our glue, which is why she requires a steady supply of chocolates. When she’s not working on data protection, database or invoicing, she’s probably doing her favourite part of the job – pitching stories to potential distributors. Outside of work, the girl who was born amid the rugged beauty of Punjab, enjoys the outdoors, loves the mountains and has a soft-spot for animals. shubh@ourbetterworld.org