You get to be trishaw rider, courier and cook

9-year-old Christine shows us why her school holidays are 'way cool' and how no one is too young to help.

Volunteering is like a fun day out in KidZania.  

In KidZania, I made burgers and pizzas for myself. But at Willing Hearts, I packed and prepared meals to feed thousands! That was way cool.

In KidZania, I could only play with my sister and other children while my mother watched. At Willing Hearts, everyone in my family can work and play together. 

During one visit, my whole family stood side by side to cut sausages. I have never seen so many sausages in my whole entire life! 

Another time, my little sister and I stood in line with 5 other adults to pack lunch boxes. We just watched and learnt on the spot. It was not as difficult as it seemed.

I felt rather useful that I can do an important job like any adult. 

I have worked as a courier in KidZania. Outside of KidZania, I was also a courier.

I delivered meals instead of mail. We had to buzz around like bumble bees. We buzzed from door to door, making sure everyone got their meals on time. 

I did not get to be a taxi driver in KidZania, but riding on a trishaw was way cool.

During the June school holidays, my mother and I did a charity trishaw ride with Cycling Without Age. She rode while I tried to offer rides to strangers. Only 2 persons rode with us for a short distance. I wondered why. Everyone was really busy. 

For our second ride, we decided to ask a few elderly people we knew. Thankfully, Ah Ma and her friend, Aunty Choo, agreed quickly.

I was really excited because I think Aunty Choo would really enjoy the ride. She has trouble walking for a long time. I think she has not been to many places.  

Ah Ma, Aunty Choo and Mummy spoke a lot in Chinese dialect. I couldn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. They looked like they enjoyed themselves. I will ask Mummy if we can ride with them again. 

I think volunteering is really enjoyable, especially when it’s with friends and family. We get to learn new skills and meet new people. 

When I am able to serve others, I feel I become a really useful person. 

When elderly people see my sister and I bringing them their meals, some would give us a big smile.  Do you know a lot of them have not seen young children in a long time? 

Volunteering does not take up much time. No one is too young to help.  The best part is, helping out in the kitchen is really, really fun. Time flies when we are having fun.

Volunteer with Willing Hearts or take some seniors out on a trishaw ride.

Not your cup of tea? You can also volunteer as a running guide with Running Hour, play tennis with blind tennis players at Soundball Singapore or do some Zumba with the elderly

Photographer  :   Grace Baey
Writer  :   Christine Ann Tan