Celebrating their Singapore stories

Ordinary people quietly and diligently helping others at home and abroad.

Article by Ashima Thomas

When we first started thinking about telling stories of good, we weren’t sure what we’d find.

We’d all heard of someone somewhere doing something good for other people. But how prevalent was it?

In our hearts, we felt there must be many stories like that.

We hoped there would be.

But we weren’t sure.

Turns out, our instincts were right. We’re about a year into this journey, and we’ve been blown away by what we’ve found across Asia: many ordinary people quietly and diligently doing good.

And truly heartening for us has been the people making a difference in and from our own backyard — Singapore.

People like Sook Zhen, a lawyer and tennis enthusiast who spends her Saturdays helping blind people play tennis.

Or Ren and Adrien, who marked their engagement by driving a tuk-tuk across India, raising $60,000 for four charities in the process.

And Bernice, Yiqin and Joses, who jumped into the conversation about migrant workers, not with rhetoric and sentiment, but by using their skills to capture stories of the husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who work far away from family and friends to build them a better life.

We’ve been amazed by people society considers disabled, very ably helping others. Like deaf percussionists Extraordinary Horizons, who played concerts and made a music video to raise enough money to share their love of music with 160 deaf kids in Cambodia.

It’s been so encouraging to meet so many people just getting on with helping the people they can.

And because of where we’re based, we thought we’d mark Singapore’s national day by celebrating some of the people in and from Singapore who are doing good at home and in the region.

We hope their stories inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us.

Music by The Fire Fight — "Dreamer"