When is the voting period?

6 December 2018, Thursday from 10am (Singapore time) to 21 December 2018, Friday at 10am (Singapore time).

How often can I vote?

You can vote only once for one video, so make sure it’s your top choice! You’ll be prompted to create an account via email, Facebook or Twitter, and you will not able to vote unless you do so.

What is the prize for the Our Better World Good Story of the Year 2018?

The video story with the most votes in each country as well as this year’s special category of Animal stories, wins S$5,000 for the social enterprise/non-profit featured in the video.

Do I need to be from that country to vote for a story in that country?

Nope! You can vote for any one of the 28 video stories – regardless of which country you’re from.

How will the winning social enterprise/non-profit use the prize money?

They decide how best to use the money to benefit the communities they serve.

Is the Good Story of the Year only for video stories of Our Better World? Or does it include written stories and photo essays as well?

To level the playing field, the voting is only for the video stories told by Our Better World from January to November 2018.

How many videos are in the running?

A record 28 videos!

When will the winning video stories be announced?

The winning stories will be announced on 21 December 2018 on Our Better World’s Facebook page, “www.facebook.com/OurBetterWorld.org” and on its Twitter handle, “@obetterworld” and on the website ourbetterworld.org/GoodStoryOfTheYear. The winners will also be notified by email.

How can I reach the organisers if I have questions not covered in this FAQ?

You can send an email to storyteller@ourbetterworld.org

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