Telling Stories. Inspiring Action.

He said no to the big leagues

This amazing soccer player is building Cambodia’s future one footballer at a time.

Giving week

Time to slice your charitable pie

Whether it’s giving or volunteering, here’s our suggestion on where your sharing slices can make a meaningful difference.

Punching discrimination in the face

How boxing saved the life of a person with HIV.

'This is my last life.'

A supportive community in rural Malaysia that gives people with HIV and recovering addicts a place to heal.

You get to be trishaw rider, courier and cook

9-year-old Christine shows us why her school holidays are 'way cool' and how no one is too young to help.

Telling Stories. Inspiring Action.

Mental illness, not mental weakness

Cancer survivors are often called heroes. Why aren't those who battle mental health?

How a dog's belief in a child helped her believe too

It doesn't matter what your trouble is, Telly the therapy dog will listen without judging.

'The frosting is green!'

A boy's generous heart and humorous wit helps his family to live as normal a life as possible with an incurable rare disease.

Why this amazing soccer player said no to the big leagues

And how the next generation is being groomed on and off the field to build Cambodia's future

Standing tall in waters deep

Underwater and out of their wheelchairs, these persons with disabilities are free. They can't walk but they can dive, because in the water, we're all the same. 

Skateboarding like a girl

You've heard of #LeanIn and #LikeAGirl. Now meet #SisuGirls.

Two faiths, one roof and a shared humanity

Watch what happens when a Muslim girl stays in the home of a Christian family in Indonesia.

This is one 'tourist trap' you'll love

Discover Asia, develop an artistic skill, do a good deed - all at the same time.

'His face transformed'

A stern-looking man teaches a photographer that we often miss out on meeting lovely people.

Hope rises above flood devastation

These young survivors of the Kelantan flood have an urgent message for you - delivered in traditional Michael Jackson fashion.

Have you ever seen a terrapin smile?

Former egg poachers are saving river terrapins in Malaysia. You can help too.

Meet the Wonder Women of Indonesia

Battling the darkness of poverty with lamps, filters and stoves one at a time.