From the Good Story Pitch to the Good Story of the Year, our campaigns are designed to bring out your best through stories.

Past campaigns

A to Z

Words are powerful. They inform, they comfort, they inspire. They turn thoughts into story.

From A to Z, these are the 26 words we live by, as storytellers for good. They capture the essence of our stories, the people they're about and the impact they make. They guide us as we tell stories to inspire action.

Friendships unlikely, unexpected and unleashed

We find friendships in the most unlikely of situations. They surprise us, but they shouldn't, really. Over and over, we've seen unconventional and unexpected friendships form because people have opened their hearts and minds, and given of themselves, as they've worked together to do good. 

Just do lah - stories from the heart of Singapore

It's easy to miss people on the fringes or recognise the difficulties they face in a busy, bustling city like Singapore. But those on the margins and those who choose to walk alongside them know their struggles are real. We celebrate people helping people here, those who see, hear and then just do lah.