Meet Uncle James

Soursop juice is Uncle James’s claim to fame, and you will know why after tasting it. The not-so-secret recipe was honed in the 80s when he ran a popular fruit stall at the former Taman Serasi Food Centre across from the Botanic Gardens. So sought after was the soursop juice, people would travel across the island for a taste of it, forming long queues and inspiring copycat versions. At 62, and despite losing his right leg from the knee down, Uncle James’s youthful face is quick to smile. He takes great pride in the quality of his fruits and works hard to run his stall seven days a week with his wife of 15 years. He is in his element sharing stories from his jet-setting days as a successful businessman. Pop by his stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre for a chat and a juice made from the freshest ingredients.

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Read more about CRT’s Impact

Read more about CRT’s Impact

Dive into the work of CRT, and discover how its volunteers have impacted the lives of the elderly at Block 52 Cassia Crescent, through cooperation, mutual respect and deepening friendships.

About Cassia Resettlement Team

About CRT

The Cassia Resettlement Team (CRT) was formed in 2017 and serves the needs of residents who were relocated from different rental flat estates, such as Dakota Crescent and Sims Drive to Cassia Crescent.



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