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Finding Light in the Darkness

Kim, the executive producer of Our Better World’s video for Singapore’s National Day 2021 reflects on the importance of celebrating through stories


Kimberly Gordon

Kimberly caught fire in art class. Seeking other paths to her destiny, she discovered that storytelling was the spark that ignited her passion, her missing puzzle piece. Since then, she have been crafting video stories for all sorts of genres, fiction and non-fiction. She is always curious and always learning. Her next big adventure is to tell stories with purpose. She is certain this journey will change her life.

To say it has been a tough year and a half is an understatement. The pandemic fatigue brought about by COVID-19 is real. It’s hard for most to stay positive with so much uncertainty still ahead of us.

This makes it even more important for Our Better World’s team of impact storytellers in Singapore to find and tell stories of the indomitable human spirit to mark Singapore’s 56th birthday. Many people are feeling burnt out, and I wondered to myself whether it would be possible not only to find but also to film stories of compassion, generosity and kindness in today’s climate and restrictions.

I also found myself asking this question: what does national pride mean to me when Singaporeans are feeling displaced, and the world is in a chaotic-limbo state?

Perseverance rewarded the team as we found our unsung heroes - Singaporeans whose hearts remain steadfast in standing in solidarity with their international friends amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

This Singapore National Day, we celebrate three such inspiring bonds. We are proud to be able to share the inspiring work of Singaporean non-profits Project Goodwill Aid (PGA), Magical Light and COVID-19 Migrant Support Coalition (CMSC). Heeding the call for help from their international friends within and beyond Singapore’s borders, they gathered their resources to provide physical, emotional and mental support to the international community.

This year’s national day story Friends Beyond Borders has been a timely personal reminder that kindness will always find a way to cut through the bleakness. I am heartened to discover that, more often than not, selfless acts are still taking place in my own backyard.

Through our national day story, I’m also reminded of our national ethos. That when we as a community exercise goodness, we can inspire a compassionate society. When we as a community work towards a common goal and unite as one, strength and hope can prevail. When we as a community see past our differences and embrace each other as equals, we understand the importance of inclusion; there is so much we can learn from each other.

When we welcome and open our hearts to others, especially amidst tough times, we remind ourselves and show the world why our little red dot and her people are worth celebrating.

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