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At Our Better World, these 3 values guide us on how we create stories, engage with you and deliver on impact.


Authenticity is being real and honest without fear of being vulnerable. It is not shying away from the bad as we celebrate the good.


Compassion means having deep empathy to identify with another along with a desire to help.


Humility is being the bigger person without thinking that bigger is better. It is thinking of yourself less and more for others.


Our Values In Action

Click on the images or quotes below and discover what these values mean to our team and community.


Stories + Action = Impact

Our stories inspire people to shape our better world together. Here’s how we inspired over 228,000 actions through storytelling in 2020.

Our Storytelling Process

HOW we tell a story is as important as WHAT we tell and the IMPACT it creates. Here’s a peek into how our values drive our storytelling.


Tell Us Your Story

Pick one of these values - Authenticity, Compassion or Humility - and tell us what it means to you.

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