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Our Story

We have told many stories of others. Here’s ours.


The year was 2011.

Smartphones and social media were transforming how we communicate. The Arab Spring uprising was showing the world how digital networks could power movements for change.

As these events unfolded, we were turning 20 at the Singapore International Foundation. And we asked ourselves:

Can we harness these forces for good?

About intro background

We had realised that all over Asia, people were doing good within their communities, unnoticed by most.

On the other hand, there were people out there who wanted to do good, but did not know where to begin.

And so we set out to map the beginnings of Our Better World, asking:

Can stories inspire people to take action?

The answer, it turns out, is yes!
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Support came with one of the first video stories we told: Soundball, about a passionate group of volunteers coaching the blind to play tennis.

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the dorsal effect

The Dorsal Effect ignited audiences with its powerful message, becoming our first story to reach over a million online views, strengthening our belief that good stories resonate.

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Right to Learn

Stories also inspired people like Jaya, who volunteered to read to Krishna via Skype — and hasn’t stopped since, demonstrating the power of stories to drive action.

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These are just glimpses of the impact we have experienced. There are still many stories to be told. At the heart of them, more people to connect for action. People like you.

The story continues. Join us in shaping Our Better World together.