Donation FAQ

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand more about your donation to Our Better World.

Where does my donation go and how will it help?

Your donation goes to telling stories. It will be used to cover aspects of our storytelling process – including sourcing, producing, filming, writing, editing, scoring, creating animation, capturing photos, etc.

By funding Our Better World's storytelling, you create different types of impact for the organisations featured in our stories. It gives them the means to tell the world in a clear and compelling way what they do and whom they serve. It also adds credibility to their work to help them source for funding.

Why donate to Our Better World and not directly to an organisation?

When you donate directly to a cause, you fund their immediate needs, and that’s important. When you make a donation to fund Our Better World’s storytelling, you create awareness for the good work of underserved organisations. With awareness, you give them power to inspire more people to take action, so that these deserving organisations get the help they need.

An Our Better World story translates to different types of impact for the organisation as there are many ways our story subjects have used their Our Better World stories to generate more impact for themselves. The impact of a story once it’s told goes a long way.

Are you paid by the organisations featured in your stories?

No, we are not commissioned or paid by the organisations whose stories we tell. We have editorial discretion to decide which organisations we choose to feature in our stories.

We do however partner with organisations whose values align with our mission and are keen to highlight the work of other deserving organisations. These partnerships may involve partial or full funding of production costs to help us manage our costs as a non-profit. Where this is the case, it will be stated clearly to the public. At all times, Our Better World maintains full editorial control and ensures the due processes are followed.

What are the other modes of donation available?

At the moment, only donations by individuals can be made on our site.

However, if your organisation is interested in making a contribution, please write to us at [email protected].

How do I cancel a monthly donation?

You can manage your monthly donations via your account settings. If you do not have an account with us, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].

Is my donation eligible for tax relief?

Yes, but only if you are a taxpayer in Singapore and your donation is S$50 or more within a calendar year. The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is a registered charity with IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) status, and as an initiative of SIF, all donations made to Our Better World are eligible for tax relief. If you qualify, we will send you the tax deductible receipt.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Write in to us at [email protected].