From the Good Story Pitch to the Good Story of the Year, our campaigns are designed to bring out your best through stories.

Past campaigns

Good Story of the Year 2017

Seventeen stories. A chance for six worthy causes to win S$5,000 each. Vote for your favourite story of 2017, and help them keep doing good. You only get to vote once, but don’t stop there - share the story so that they inspire others to take action too.

The Better Traveller

Travelling is great, but you can make it even better by making sure the impact you make is a positive one. From island paradise to tranquil homestays, here are ideas on how to make your next vacation go the distance in more ways than one.

Good Story of the Year 2016

These are the community’s favourite video stories in 2016 that won S$5k each to jump start their work in 2017. Good Story of the Year is Our Better World’s year-end campaign where the community gets a say on which stories get funded to start the new year right.

Good for the hungry and warm to the heart

Whether you're a foodie who lives to eat, or you simply eat to live, we've got some great news for you. Treat yourself to some delicious food and just by doing that, do some good in the process. Eat good food, get a bonus prize of doing good, feel happy. We think Food for Good is a great idea.

A to Z

From A to Z, these are the 26 words we live by, as storytellers for good. They capture the essence of our stories, the people they're about and the impact they make. They guide us as we tell stories to inspire action.

Just do lah - Stories from the heart of Singapore

They see where help is needed. They hear the calls for action. They step forward and do something to make a positive difference, whether here in our homeland, or across Asia. Here are stories of their “can-do” spirit in action.

Friendships unlikely, unexpected and unleashed

We find friendships in the most unlikely of situations. They surprise us, but they shouldn't, really. Over and over, we've seen unconventional and unexpected friendships form because people have opened their hearts and minds, and given of themselves, as they've worked together to do good. 

Good Story of the Year 2015

Celebrate a banner year of storytelling by voting for your favourite video and helping social enterprises or non-profits win up to S$10,000 to jump-start their work in 2016! You can vote once a day until 10am, 31 December 2015.

Good Story Competition

The Good Story Competition was a short film competition in 2014 that received 132 entries from aspiring and professional content producers of 27 nationalities, who captured the stories of people sparking change in 18 countries across Asia.