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We should talk about Mental Health

If not now, then when?

Get to talk to Sharon, Priyanka and Edwin, as well as other like-minded community members

A sucessful event, all thanks to you!

You feel more open towards talking about childhood trauma

70%of our attendees felt this way

You are more inclined to reach out and support people affected by childhood trauma

91%of our attendees felt this way

You felt more inclined to seek help for your mental health

94%of our attendees felt this way

You want to help reduce the stigma around childhood trauma

97%of our attendees felt this way

See what others have to say...

“Loved that childhood trauma as well as its healing process was discussed openly & in simple terms, making it easy for everyone to digest.”

“I am already on my healing journey and aim to help others in the future. This sharing inspired me to stay the course.”

“It offered a safe space to be more open about what I feel.”

“It informed me well about childhood trauma and it helped me realize that I need to do something to set myself free from what I have suffered.”

“It's so important that Our Better World in Singapore helps create awareness to help people through trauma, because it's not easy for Asians to get help or talk about these things. Community is an important part of Asian culture, and organisations like Our Better World are vital to our growth.”

The takeaways

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