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The Al-true-ist

Being generous is how you express your love and care for others, and gifts are your currency. You may not be the richest person you know, but you have spare cash to share. 

Empathy comes naturally to you. Since you're in a good place financially, you often feel compelled to help as many people as you can, in whatever ways you can. 

While some are great at being in the midst of the action, you know you're best at whipping out your credit card to fund the action.

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Actions customised just for you

Surprise your family

Surprise your elderly family members with a week’s worth of groceries delivered to their doorstep, or offer to do a grocery run for them.

Treat your friends to a meal

Order a meal for your friends on days they may not have time to cook. Leave them a riddle under remarks for them to guess that it’s from you!

Give back to your community

Pick a cause close to your heart and make a donation to show your support.

A story of an Al-true-ist like you

A world where nobody goes hungry

Nizar believes that the hungry should have access to free meals. But if they don’t, he will deliver it to them in a heartbeat, sometimes at a cost to him.

10 May 2020

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