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The Upstander

Regardless of their circumstances in life, you see everyone as deserving of a voice, and you genuinely want the best for them. When others see a problem, you see an opportunity to come up with a solution that benefits everyone around you. 

To your friends and family, you are the one full of crazy ideas! You are also the one who acts on those ideas and prove that they can be done. 

You speak and act in support of causes you believe in.

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Actions customised just for you

Rally your family

Identify a cause that resonates with you and share it in your family group chat to rally them to support the cause with you.

Empower your friends

Share with your friends how they can support a cause and help them do good.

Get your community together

Organise a documentary night about a cause. At the end, discuss ways you can all take action, individually or as a group.

A story of an Upstander like you

Giving from the heart

Whenever he gets the chance, Delane is ready to come in to help anyone who needs it. An entrepreneur by profession, an upstander by way of life.

10 May 2020

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