Refugees: Displaced, not discouraged

Stories of how refugees in Asia are finding ways to not only survive but thrive as they await resettlement,
and the communities that are helping them get back on their feet.

From refugee to community leader: A single mother’s story

She needed support at first, now Yusra assists other struggling refugees in Malaysia.

A Friend Who Happens to be a Refugee

She was watching an OBW video in Singapore about him, a Syrian refugee in Malaysia. But s...

03 Jul 2019

A Friendship Written in the Books

Their friendship was sparked by books and that led one of them to writing one.

28 Jun 2019

Past horrors transformed into future aspirations

Rohingya refugee women find a new lease of life through RWDN, Malaysia’s first NGO...

26 Jun 2019

A school for refugees, by refugees

Stuck in a foreign land with few resources, these refugees in Indonesia didn'...

The refugee crisis isn’t going away. You can help

A refugee’s problems can’t be solved overnight. But here are some groups helping t...

From outsider to insider: Sharing a meal with refugees

The Picha Project nourishes cross-cultural understanding in Malaysia.  

They lost everything. But they’re finding hope on stage

In Malaysia, Parastoo is helping refugees take centre stage in a quest for hope an...

What this Syrian refugee does will make you smile

He was taught entrepreneurial skills and is now reaching out to other refugees

07 Feb 2017

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