Let’s get real about women’s safety, do you have a story to tell? Share it for our Women Empowerment series

When a woman feels safe, she has the power to control her life, her body and her choices. But for many women and girls, safety is not a right. She is threatened by sexual harassment and violence, online harm, domestic abuse or physical violence. It is still not talked about enough.

You may know a woman who has suffered in silence, has been silenced, or you may have endured a painful experience yourself. We invite you to share your story. Your voice joins a powerful collective of stories that show women’s safety issues are all around us, are real, and need the greater support of everyone to challenge stereotypes. Read the stories we have featured on women and girls issues here.

A piece of artwork generated by A.I. will be created from your story. We will send a copy to you when it is published.

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