Beyond the border, behind the men

Testing Singapore's perceptions of its migrant worker community.

A lot has been said about the riot in Singapore's Little India and the ensuing fallout.

Foreign workers, specifically from South Asia, have been either been painted as villain or victim.

We've been reminded by this video that the foreign worker is son, brother, friend, husband, father, person. Like us.

Original text:

Pass a construction site in Singapore and more often than not, you'll see a group of Bangladeshi men hard at work. More than 110,000 migrant workers from Bangladesh live in Singapore, trying to earn enough money to fulfil their dreams. And although they've made significant contributions to buliding the country, few care to know much more about them.

Three young Singaporeans created 'Beyond the Border, Behind the Men,' a project that explores why these men come here, and whether their lives are really so different from our own.

Beyond the Border, Behind the Men held a photo exhibition at The Arts House. You can see a snippet of it here.

Music by Johnny Ripper 




Ng Yiqin