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Looking for a cause to donate to or volunteer with? Tell us more. Our story subjects have opportunities to offer.



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Together we can create impact like this:

More blind tennis players getting trained

More volunteers have made it possible for Soundball to increase training from once to thrice a week in Singapore.

Volunteers reading with kids on Skype

Busy working mum Jaya's 90min a week contribution has made a real difference in the lives of underprivileged kids in Malaysia.

More buddies for special needs runners

Meng Hong watched the story, volunteered, got “addicted” and is now vice-chair of Runninghour.

Shark fishermen becoming eco-guides

A million online views have led to more eco-tours with Dorsal, giving more shark fishermen an alternative livelihood in Lombok, Indonesia.

We can’t do it alone. We need the help of:

Impact Storytellers

Andrew Purchase

Andrew Purchase is a South African who is passionate about Singapore as well as serving society. He loves reading and writing, and self-admittedly has a notoriously poor sense of humour.

Dave Sarabia

Dave has ridden backwards on a motorcycle through busy Calcutta's insane traffic. On another assignment, he found himself sleeping for a few moonlight-only nights in a remote tribal village. For the sake of meeting extraordinary people and telling their inspiring stories, the filmmaker says he'd do it all again. Except for that time he had to eat frogs for breakfast. Never again.

Anshul Tiwari

Anshul is a filmmaker who finds happiness through cinema. Terrible at reading instruction manuals, he can’t find his way without Google maps but loves to travel and be lost. He spends most of his waking hours figuring out how best to tell a story. With Our Better World, he feels he has found a place that he loves and loves him back; where he meets awesome people and gets to capture their beautiful stories.

Debasmita Dasgupta

Debasmita is an illustrator and arts-for-change advocate from India, living in Singapore. Inspired by the nature and people around her, she loves doodling characters with shiny eyes and innocent smiles. She is also the founder of My Father illustrations, a participatory movement of storytelling and artistic exchange, to amplify voices of fathers who protect the rights of their daughters.

Ashima Thomas

Part of the pioneering group that grew OBW from just an idea, Ashima continues to regularly produce stories with us (and eat our chocolate). A former TV news journalist, she always says she has one of the best jobs in the world, because she gets to hang out with the passionate and dedicated unsung heroes in our stories. When not at her desk or chasing a story, she's underwater, diving with the fishes.

Thomas Franks

Thomas feels lucky he can do what he feels passionate about: telling good stories. When he's not shooting or editing, he might be on an evening run or trying to find those elusive, quiet places where he can enjoy a peaceful moment, probably thinking up his next story. Having been in Singapore since 2008, the American’s become a fan of herbal soup, roti prata, kopi gao and yes, even durian.

Other Contributors

Daniel Li
Janet Wu
Lu CaiXia
Devender Singh Dagar
Lim Woan Fei
Daniel Li
Daniel Li

Daniel joined Our Better World because of his determined belief that digital media can help make the world better. He’s gone on to pursue his dream of starting his own online business. Originally from China and now a Singaporean, he has a little girl who keeps him engaged in his other full-time role as a father, through which he also hopes to make the world better.

Denise Oliveiro

Denise wants to captain the starship Enterprise but feels content creation is a close second. She loves seeing authenticity and beauty reflected in stories. Her experimental nature fuels her work, and believes that individually, content and creative go a distance. But together, they grow wings and soar.

Krystal Foo

Krystal is a happy person and a dreamer by nature who first joined Our Better World as an intern, and became the lil’ boss of all things production. She hopes to be able to do some good in the world, wherever she goes.

Lim Hwee Hwee

Between never-ending laundry, cooking not-very-tasty meals and coaching her son with special needs, Hwee Hwee finds time to do freelance translation and copyediting. Formerly a journalist, she is passionate about writing and finds joy in English-Chinese translation. As a member of Our Better World’s Chinese editorial team, she hopes to promote greater understanding and acceptance of persons with special needs.

Josh Lye

A recovering journalist who has lived in five countries, Josh enjoys unearthing stories about everyday people helping other people. It is this passion that got him to help start Our Better World. He was instrumental in shaping its growth in its first five years.

Janet Wu
Janet Wu

Janet made a leap from big, corporate America to the Singapore start-up , non-profit scene. As a closet web technologies architect, she wields technical know-how and focuses on online growth. She also secretly loves research, roadmaps and PowerPoint. Her passion for people, Asia, and transforming communities and culture led her halfway around the world for a short stint with us.

Lu CaiXia
Lu Caixia

“Run, Forrest, run!” Caixia’s favourite line in the movie Forrest Gump reminds her that there are no blues that a good run can’t cure. As part of Our Better World’s Chinese editorial team, nothing gives her more satisfaction than seeing her work as a translator help spread the good to a wider audience.

Devender Singh Dagar
Devender Singh

Devender never stops thinking about how technology can improve the lives of people around him. While he used to take care of the team’s tech development, the Faridabad native has returned to India, where he continues to pursue his love for sports and in particular, running.

Lim Woan Fei
Lim Woan Fei

Eight parts feeling, and two parts reason, Woan Fei will always be a fervent scribe, driven by her love for words, her sense of justice and a passion for life. She enjoys her role on OBW’s Chinese editorial team, helping more people to overcome their differences and embrace the beauty of a kinder, more diverse, and inclusive multilingual society.

Grace Baey

Always curious and game for adventure, Grace loves to wander the streets in search of stories to tell with her camera. A human geographer by training, she believes the best way to learn is through the soles of one's feet.

Noelle Perera

It was her passion for social change and inability to sit still that led Noelle to help launch Our Better World. She spent four years as its community manager. Now based in Sydney, Australia, Noelle continues to use social media to change the world.

Sophie Syed

With a background in startups and digital marketing, Sophie loves that she can use her skills to do good. Her energetic nature brings people together to do art, play foosball and...to laugh till their stomachs hurt.

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