13 unique online stores to buy good gifts

Find gifts that are quirky and meaningful at these online shops and do good at the same time this Christmas season.

We've put together a list of online shops run by people in our community, so you can find some unusual gifts or treat yourself to something lovely. Bonus: you'll be doing good at the same time, just like they are.

Matcha5 - shop easy and do good at the same time.


What it sells: Quirky reversible dolls, jewellery and accessories.

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: Matcha5 offers training and a marketplace to rural and underprivileged artisans from the Philippines to Peru, so they can set up and manage their own e-store, build a sustainable business in the long run, and better the lives of their communities.

Since this feature was published, Matcha5 has undergone changes and now sells products at Mori.

Ayelli - shop easy and do good at the same time.


What it sells: Certified, pure organic argan oil.

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: Ayelli works with reputable community fair trade cooperatives in southwest Morocco, where women get fair, steady wages, a good working environment, and educational classes, offering them recognition and the power to better their daily lives. Ayelli also distributes its oil through social businesses in Asia, contributing to the social impact of those businesses. 

Saught - shop easy and do good at the same time

Covenant Jewellery

What it sells: Handcrafted jewellery made from landmines and artillery shells.

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: Covenant Jewellery offers its craftsmen insurance, fair pay and skills training opportunities. Each piece of jewellery is made from redeemed landmines or artillery shells, and is designed in collaboration with international, award-winning and emerging designers. 

Batik Boutique - shop easy and do good at the same time

Batik Boutique

What it sells: Handmade batik products like scarfs and jewellery pouches.

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: From sourcing for hand-dyed textiles from family-run businesses in rural Malaysia, to employing seamstresses from the lower socioeconomic strata, the Batik Boutique promotes high-quality batik products through sustainable fair trade practices. A portion of its proceeds also goes directly to community needs.

Prema Touch - shop easy and do good at the same time

Prema Touch

What it sells: Natural coconut oil soap. 

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: Prema Touch offers all-natural, coconut oil soaps that are free from harmful chemicals. These soaps are made by survivors of trafficking and sex-slavery in Kolkata, India, in a safe environment for them to heal and earn an alternative livelihood.

Shop easy and do good at the same time

Swags World

What it sells: Bags, dolls and Christmas decorations.

Why buy here: Swags World partners with women artisans, such as those from the Boneca de Atauro cooperative in Timor Leste, to promote and sell their unique craft, exposing them to new markets and ensuring a fair wage. Each product also comes with the story of the artisa who made it.

Since the publication of this feature, Swags World has ceased operations. Click here to learn more about the women of Timor Leste they worked with. 

Torajamelo - shop easy and do good at the same time


What it sells: Hand-woven clothing and accessories. 

Where it ships: Indonesia.

Why buy here:  Focused on rejuvenating the hand-weaving heritage in Indonesia, Torajamelo collaborates with a community of weavers in the Sulawesi and East Flores regions to produce high-quality hand woven products. Profits help provide a viable alternative income for women in rural areas, instead of having to migrate to cities to source for work.

Since this feature was published, Torajamelo has stopped selling its products online. Find out more about Torajamelo here.

Kakoa - shop easy and do good at the same time

Krakakoa chocolates

What it sells: Fine organic chocolate

Where it ships: Indonesia.

Why buy here: One of the first bean-to-bar chocolate makers in Indonesia, Kakoa works closely with smallholder cocoa farmers to produce organic chocolate made from 100% Indonesian beans. Sourcing directly from farmers allows them to directly benefit them and their families.

M.A.D. Indonesia - shop easy and do good at the same time

M.A.D. Indonesia

What it sells: Clothing, bags, accessories and beauty products.

Where it ships: Indonesia.

Why buy here: M.A.D. Indonesia (Making a Difference) doesn't just offer a good bargain, it channels the majority of its profits to support social projects that reach out to marginalised communities in Indonesia and beyond. It also promotes volunteerism and making a difference among Indonesian youth.

Since this feature was published, M.A.D Indonesia has ceased operations.

NDI - shop easy and do good at the same time


What it sells: Solar-powered lamps and phone chargers.

Where it ships: Singapore and Jakarta.

Why buy here: NDI, or Nusantara Development Initiatives, empowers women in rural Indonesia to be micro-entrepreneurs who bring clean and affordable light to their communities. Great for outdoor and camping needs, buying a solar-powered lamp will contribute to empowering women to bring light to more communities.

Bettr Barista - shop easy and do good at the same time

Bettr Barista

What it sells: Premium roast-to-order single-origin Arabica coffee beans.

Where it ships: International.

Why buy here: Bettr Barista offers disadvantaged women and youth in Singapore professional coffee education as well as life and emotional management skills. It also works closely with farmers who are committed to environmental sustainability and have a long-term positive economic and social impact on communities.

Knitting Expedition - shop easy and do good at the same time

Knitting Expedition

What it sells: Hand-knitted toys, home decor, and woolly warmers.

Where it ships: Philippines.

Why buy here: Knitting Expedition is a social enterprise consisting of women rice farmers from the Ifugao region in the Philippines. They craft and sell quirky toys, hand warmers, and home accessories to supplement income from the rice fields, so that they do not have to leave their home village to find work.