Our Team

Tech. Advertising. Filmmaking. Journalism. Media. We come from varied backgrounds, united by a belief in the power of stories, and the desire to shape a better world.

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Rebecca Lim

Passionate and purposeful, Rebecca has an eye for opportunities and a love for people. A stint in India changed the Singaporean’s life and led her into the non-profit space. If you want her on your side, Stroopwafel is the secret.

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Alfred Lee

Alfred can tell you what a “spudger” is. He grew up always at the end of a trail of disassembled gadgets and circuit boards. He’s not only about the hardware; dark chocolate and the smell of ink and paper are his soft spots. As CTO, his “techxpertise” is now used to build a better world.

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Chris Annadorai

Chris grew up on a diet of curry, camping, watching BBC wildlife documentaries, and social work. It fed his desire to become a storyteller; to create exciting, evocative journeys that stir people into action and impact the world in a positive way. At Our Better World, he’s found his ‘ikigai’, heading up the content team.

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Eelin Ong

“Perhaps I should put my skills to good use,” – a random thought that stuck. And so, with a love for stories and a penchant for logic, Eelin now uses her skills from the advertising world to lead distribution, research and partnerships at Our Better World, as her way of creating positive impact.

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Eileen Chee

With a passion for digital marketing and making the world a better place, landing a job at Our Better World is akin to receiving her Hogwarts letter for this serious Potterhead. When she’s not working her digital marketing magic on Our Better World, Eileen spends her time trekking and exploring new places

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Lilian Tan

Driven by passion and purposeful living, Lilian finds herself constantly seeking new frontiers for growth and learning. A keen observer of life, she draws her creative inspiration from people and experiences. Producing at OBW allows her to weave stories of good in hope to make a difference - one starfish at a time. On the side, she enjoys playing squash and catching waves.

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Lynn Chan

A dancer since young, Lynn always imagined she'd end up in the Arts scene. But after leading a volunteer team in University, Lynn found herself gravitating to the world of social causes and never looked back since. At Our Better World, she uses her communication skills to connect people and live out her life mantra- 'Leave the world a better place than you found it'

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Mai Tatoy

Mai is happiest when she finds meaningful ways to involve the community in the stories we tell. Heading up the community team, she gets a thrill at seeing a story transform people’s lives. Mai loves to sing in church, bake at home and eat anywhere.

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Olivia Low

Olivia is an ambivert - sometimes immersed in films on her own, sometimes thriving on good company. She sees potential for a better world through the pursuit of truth and meaning in her work. At Our Better World, Olivia uses her production skills to serve humanity the best she knows how — by being part of the change.

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Poh Khim Yeo

Poh Khim is driven by listening to people's stories and understanding what makes them tick. Tackling complex problems excites her, and at Our Better World, she gets to use her problem-solving skills to identify issues and create a delightful user experience for all.

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Samuel Low

As a typical millenial who shops online, Sam has witnessed the effects of relevant ads firsthand and has never failed to be amazed. Fueled by his experience in digital planning and buying and his love for a good story, he contributes to the team's efforts to create a positive impact.

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Sharon Pereira

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." fuelled the start of Sharon’s fascination with storytelling. A good story can inspire people and move mountains, and Our Better World gives her the opportunity to do both as Executive Producer. Honing her lightsaber skills is up there on her list but so is going on an adventure and daydreaming on a remote beach.

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Shawn Khoong

Energetic and sufficiently obsessed to positively impact the world, Shawn believes that our future is shaped by our actions in the present. Producing at Our Better World with a kopi-c-kosong in one hand and camera in the other, he is constantly dreaming up creative ideas to engage the digital mind and connect with the analogue heart.

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Soh Kai Ruo

Having been in academia for a couple of years, Kai decided it was time to put her theoretical knowledge into action. Recognising the important of providing a platform for voices to be heard, she joined Our Better World with the motivation to amplify social issues and stories of people making a positive difference in their community.

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Tsen-Waye Tay

There’s no such thing as an “organised mess” with Waye. Everything has its rightful place. When she’s not out with her camera or delivering snails to safer ground, she’s home with a book or a film. Sniffing out stories for Our Better World is her dream role - one that marries her love for storytelling and a deep desire to make a difference.

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Wong Wen Yi

Largely motivated by sashimi, gelato and the afterburn from burpees, Wen Yi finds joy in working out and also making peoples’ lives work out. She does so by solving problems to create a desirable user experience with elegant, human-centered solutions, allowing people to think less and contribute more to shape Our Better World.

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Yanqin Lin

Yanqin has wanted to be a writer ever since she discovered English Composition in Primary School, and threw herself into journalism after university. As a Content Producer at Our Better World, she hopes to use her love of a good story to give voice to social causes.

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Zahirah Taha

Zah has a way of stopping buses at the bus-stop where she stands. Body language and eye contact with the bus driver is her strategy. But every superpower comes with 3 weak spots: Chocolate, coffee, and chilli. Zah uses her social media marketing and communication skills to change the world, one Our Better World story at a time.