Our Team

Tech. Advertising. Filmmaking. Journalism. Media. We come from varied backgrounds, united by a belief in the power of stories, and the desire to shape a better world.

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Jeremy Heng

Jeremy wanders at the intersection of strategy, stories and social impact. There, he finds patterns to weave and dots to join. Amidst the noise, he listens for music. Amongst the clouds, he looks for silver linings. He is fascinated with the ways stories can transfix, transport and transcend us. He believes that our world can indeed be a better one. With the understanding that we have more in common than we do in difference. And the knowledge that how we treat those differences, can make all the difference.

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Anmol Vaswani

Everyone knows geeks are cool now and Anmol enjoys every bit of geek culture from movies, television and gaming. Having watched a LOT of movies and TV growing up is what got her to enroll into a media course at 16. Since then, she gained an interest in telling stories and is most happy when a story she tell challenges a common perspective and makes a difference.

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Chris Annadorai

Chris grew up on a diet of curry, camping, watching BBC wildlife documentaries, and social work. It fed his desire to become a storyteller; to create exciting, evocative journeys that stir people into action and impact the world in a positive way. At Our Better World, he’s found his ‘ikigai’, heading up the content team.

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Faith See

Faith suffers from a chronic case of having too many interests, with too little skill points allocated into each domain. As a result, she has been afflicted with the curse - “Jack of all trades, master of none”. In an attempt to break the curse and do good, she has dedicated herself to achieving mastery of the Specialist Path: User Experience.

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Gordon Chin

Introspective and a deep thinker at heart, Gordon frequently goes down rabbit holes of anything that captures his interest and attention. As someone who spends time trying to demystify thoughts, behaviors and the motivations behind people's hearts and minds, he aims to apply that to his work in hopes to give rise to positive impact and change in the world.

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James Kuan

They say hiding never leads to anything good.. but James often hides behind the camera to make people look good. When he's not behind the camera, James loves wandering around to explore cool new gastronomic spots. As a digital native, James is passionate in utilising his skills in Digital Marketing as a Force for Good at Our Better World.

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Jingyi Teo

Jing Yi seeks to reach out to the far corners of the community to bring people together. She aims to capture the attention of the wider audience and help the community prosper.

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Kimberly Gordon

Kimberly caught fire in art class. Seeking other paths to her destiny, she discovered that storytelling was the spark that ignited her passion, her missing puzzle piece. Since then, she have been crafting video stories for all sorts of genres, fiction and non-fiction. She is always curious and always learning. Her next big adventure is to tell stories with purpose. She is certain this journey will change her life.

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Lena Goh

Lena's journey with design began as early as fifteen when she stumbled upon blogskins, and the rest is history. Driven by her passion for design, Lena seeks to channel her visual communicating skills in this industry to better the world.

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Lilian Tan

Driven by passion and purposeful living, Lilian finds herself constantly seeking new frontiers for growth and learning. A keen observer of life, she draws her creative inspiration from people and experiences. Producing at OBW allows her to weave stories of good in hope to make a difference - one starfish at a time. On the side, she enjoys playing squash and catching waves.

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Nicole Chan

Nicole is obsessed with creating unique experiences for our community around the stories we tell, where people can leave with their hearts full and minds inspired. Outside of work, she can be found arguing with her dogs over whether they deserve treats or not (of course they do!) and involved in a multitude of hobbies.

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Pei Lin Tan

Good stories stick and some of them have shifted Pei Lin’s worldview. Impact comes in both intangible and tangible forms, and being able to be part of Our Better World to inspire that change is otherworldly. The subtleties of life inspire her; like the sense of awe and smallness felt when immersed in nature. Pei Lin flourishes when she’s truly living a purposeful existence. She also hustles on the side experimenting and creating cakes beyond your wildest dreams.

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Sharni Velu

As strong as her passion for prehistoric creatures, Sharni is eager to digging and sharing the good that happens from all corners of the world. She aims to excavate more captivating stories that inspires others, in hope that doing good will not go extinct.

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Stella Tan

With keen interest in people and culture, Stella is interested in interacting with individuals to learn more about their background and journey. Through these interactions, she is eager to create innovative and intuitive user centric digital interface to make our journey together even better.

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Sue Mei Lee

As a believer of telling actionable and relatable stories with data driven insights, Sue found herself growing an interest in this area along the way of witnessing the digital transformation of advertising. She joined Our Better world with the mission to use the power of data harnessed out of online advertising to empower positive changes. When Sue is not exploring data, she can be found exploring baking classes.

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Tim Xiao

Tim is a curious cat. He likes to figure out how things work and often gravitates towards problems that need help. One challenge led to another, Tim is now attracted to make our world a better place.

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Victor Tang

Victor was a lost soul. Many hats has he worn. He was an Ice Cream Uncle, Musician, Wannabe Celeb, Underwater Filmmaker... In the end, Victor decides to Do Good.

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Shobi Pereira

Shobi is spellbound when people tell her their stories. These stories sometimes are full of secrets, struggles, joys and hope. Having heard and told many stories through her years in news and current affairs, Shobi is now weaving her magic for good, telling stories that inspire and create an impact.