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We should talk about Equality

If not now, then when?

Get to talk to other like-minded community members and learn more about get the latest women empowerment stories!

A sucessful event, all thanks to you!

You feel more open towards talking about issues around equality for women.

94.8%of our attendees felt this way

You want to help create awareness about equality for women.

93.4%of our attendees felt this way

You feel more inclined to support initiatives that help empower women.

100%of our attendees felt this way

The event fostered cross-cultural understanding and shared knowledge to empower women.

94.7%of our attendees felt this way

See what others have to say...

“The women I spoke to in my human library session are strong and powerful and amazing at overcoming whatever challenges life throws at them. They dont let gender stop them from living their life and I think thats really amazing and inspirational.”

“I loved the diversity and inclusivity of this event where everyone has equal opportunity and access to the discussions. ”

“The event was eye-opening...for me, this resonated very personally (which I hadn't prepared for). The topics I chose, I realized, were ones I felt very strongly about. The one-on-ones were especially valuable, providing insight into real community issues I might not have considered. Thank you!”

“The event really describes the reality of being a woman in the society and it is just really empowering to know that there are people advocate for women who are not only suffering from poverty but suffering from other challenges in other aspects of their lives. It is just really nice to know that there is an organization like Our Better World where women can be inspired instead.”

The takeaways

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