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Mauriza Arivia Azmi


Mauriza Arivia Azmi

Mauriza Arivia Azmi is the co-founder of Marine Buddies Tangerang and a Youth Climate Reality Leader.


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There’s an urgency to act in implementing climate action and solutions, especially in the coastal areas of  Indonesia. The depletion of coastal ecosystems is happening  rapidly and the best way to tackle  the issue is by acting now.

I co-founded coastal communities Marine Buddies Tangerang and initiated a programme called Tanam Taman Mangrove. It’s the flagship project of Marine Buddies Tangerang and has been running for  three years, supported by Tangerang Regency Marine and Fisheries Office, along with Tangerang Regency Regional Developments and Planning Agency Office. The project aims to help in the restoration of the coastal area of Tangerang Regency. We wish to help this region avoid experiencing the large amount of erosion that can be dangerous to the survival of the Tangerang communities.

The Climate Reality Project in action

It was  quite challenging the first time I tried to introduce our programme to the local community. They didn’t quite see the environmental problem in their surroundings as it didn’t affect their economy and health directly.To them this was not something that needed fixing urgently.They couldn’t see the connection between a healthy ecosystem and sustaining biodiversity.

I also managed to build an education programme for coastal youths to raise awareness about biodiversity and the mangrove ecosystem. In order to make a sustainable and meaningful impact, we held the event annually and accompanied the communities by supporting their local project. We plan to expand the area of coverage so as to provide benefits for local communities to utilise mangrove resources in a sustainable manner and thereby improve their socio-economic status and environmental purposes.

We are the generation who are vulnerable to the impact of the climate crisis. As a young person with the capacity to make change,I don't want to be ignorant. I have been lucky enough to meet inspiring people from diverse backgrounds during my climate journey that gave me courage to be involved in the climate movement, and thus I have taken the initiative in tackling environmental challenges and am creating sustainable solutions through promoting education and awareness on environmental issues.

It is true that starting a climate action programme takes courage and persistence. We want to create change and influence young people to be a part of the movement. By taking these steps and inspiring others to join, you can make a difference in addressing the climate crisis and protecting your future. Start within yourself and influence others to be the change.

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