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The Stealthy Giver

You’re a giver at heart but it’s not in your nature to shout about the good that you do. As someone who prefers to be behind-the-scenes, you’d rather the attention be on the cause or other people than on you.

What is most gratifying for you is the simple act of being kind. You think of giving and sharing as its own reward, an end in itself. You don't need external validation. You don’t need your contribution to the world posted on social media to know that it matters.

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Actions customised just for you

Surprise your family

Bake or cook a dish from your family recipe book to be shared with everyone.

Appreciate your friends

Show your friends how much you appreciate them by making a digital mixtape of songs that reflect who they are to you.

Give back to your community

Set up a box in your neighbourhood and fill it with fruits, biscuits, hand sanitisers, or anything else you think can brighten someone else’s day.

A story of a Stealthy Giver like you

Giving from the heart

Adel leads Ultra-Mega Friends Foundation. She and her friends pool what little pocket money they have to secretly fund the education of students like themselves who are in need of financial help.

10 May 2020

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