They Challenge You to Be an Ultra Mega Friend

Watch these students destroy the millennial stereotype.

When 30 university students come together to help another student financially, that's pretty impressive.

When all 30 are on financial assistance themselves - known as scholars in the Philippines - that's a whole new level of giving.

"Yes, our situations are full of struggles but those will not stop us from giving," says Adeline Intervalo, one of the friends that make up the Ultra Mega Friends Foundation (UMFF). 

"We can give out of our poverty."

The friends, who say giving comes from the heart rather than the wallet, set aside 150 pesos (US$3.20) each, every month.

In order to do that, they sometimes skip meals or walk to school instead of taking the bus.

The money that they pool together is used to pay for college for a student who's unable to afford it.

The friends currently sponsor one student, and while they hope to help more students in the future themselves, they hope other students will group together and do something similar.

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