Cheering Them On

Awesome folks who ran the marathon to fight cancer, support the blind, help kids smile, fulfil wishes and more.

Our Better World is so thrilled to have worked with Ming, Carolyn, Mike, Sky and the Soundball blind tennis team as they raised funds with their Standard Chartered Marathon runs in 2012.

All the blind runners clocked personal bests, Ming, Carolyn and Mike all came in ahead of their expected times and Sky acted as a pacer to help other runners the whole way.

They ran for different reasons: health, the personal challenge, to be free.

But they all had a common goal to help others as they ran.

Wai Yee, for example, was born blind and started running outdoors only a few months ago. She loves the feeling of being free as she runs. So she raised money through the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped so blind folk like her can enjoy sports more.

There’s also Carolyn, who, coming off months of chemotherapy, walked a half marathon last year to raise funds so others could afford the treatment she felt lucky to get.

She did the 21km again this year, but ran it this time, and raised more than the $6,000 she did last year for the Singapore Cancer Society.

Watch all their stories:

Carolyn: I run because cancer couldn’t stop me
Mike: I run because their smiles are worth it
Ming: I run because I want to help these kids
Soundball team: We run to help the blind enjoy sports


Director of Photography

Brandon Krause

Additional Contributor

King Kong Jane