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If not now, then when?

Get to talk to other like-minded community members and learn more how to protect our environment!

A sucessful event, all thanks to you!

You better understand the state of the environment.

68%of our attendees felt this way

You feel that we can rebuild the environment if we work together.

79%of our attendees felt this way

You feel inspired to volunteer with organisations doing environmental work.

44%of our attendees felt this way

You were inspired to learn more about environmental issues.

80%of our attendees felt this way

See what others have to say...

“The panel was diverse and very engaging. The Terrarium workshop was a brilliant idea. Everyone plays a part in sustainable living and caring for the environment.”

“I loved how the panelists covered a range of issues from the practical to the spiritual. I'm heartened to know that we are lowering the threshold before an apocalyptic world occurs. I also think that it was helpful to know that the younger generation does not have the temperature baseline that my generation did.”

“I think it was a good reminder not to get carried away by the routine of life and refocus on the important things in life like family, friends, nature. I loved the activities, the people, the whole vibe was amazing.”

“By inviting guests speaker like today’s event. It expands my knowledge of initiatives taken by different communities globally. The panellists and their groups have given us hope for a better future. I’m excited to find Repair Kopitiam that such initiatives exist in Singapore.”

The takeaways

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