Getting High on Music, Not Drugs

How one band is using rock music to empower Malaysia's youth to live drug-free lives.

Khai Aziz's life has been surrounded by drugs – his friends lost their lives because of it, his brother was stuck in a vicious cycle of heroin, and a man in his village wanted to sell his kids to buy drugs.

Drug use in his community is rampant, and drugs are running in the veins of countless youths.

Being in such an environment, it seemed only a matter of time before Khai himself succumbed.

But he rose above his surroundings and decided to use the power of music to spread the message that being drug-free is cool, starting the Drug Free Youth Malaysia initiative.

Youths are welcome to come and belong to a community that prides itself in being drug, cigarette and alcohol-free.

And there's a space for them to use music - instead of drugs - as an instrument for relief and liberation. 

The youths feel inspired, motivated and some have begun to come out of the darkness of drugs.


About Drug Free Youth Malaysia

Founded in 2010, this Malaysian group of musicians use the power of music to educate youth about the harms of drugs. To date, they have organised more than 50 events, and visited over 250 schools to promote a drug-free lifestyle.



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