Grandma’s Got the Zumba Moves

Find out what gets granddad out of his wheelchair and moving his feet.

Many of us can easily whip out our running shoes or head to the gym.

Some seniors, however, because of their ailments, no longer exercise or attend any fitness classes.

They feel old.

I want to tell them that they can age actively.

I want to reach out to those in need and reignite their confidence, and at the same time, gather like-minded people to bring fitness to them.

That's why I started Get Movin' for Charity.

We started our first Zumba Gold class two years ago.

Designed primarily for seniors, including those who haven't been physically active in a while, the class was very well received.

Ever since, we have been conducting free fitness programmes at various senior activity centres.

We have seen tremendous improvement in the elderly we work with, not just physically and mentally, but socially as well.

Very importantly, we show them that they can have fun and joy while keeping fit. And I believe the love, care and concern shown to them has contributed to the success of this movement.

We want to get more seniors healthier, happier and also to build up their self-confidence.

So we hope more people will join us.

Coaches or instructors can kick-start their own programmes in their neighbourhoods while other volunteers can assist with the planning and organising of these activities.

There's so much each of us can do.

Read about our teammate's experience doing zumba with the elderly uncles and aunties. 

You can join the Get Movin' for Charity movement too!

This film was entered in The Good Story Competition by Our Better World.


About Get Movin' for Charity

Get Movin' for Charity is a volunteer programme promoting active aging through fun and engaging fitness sessions. Running since 2012, the fitness sessions are now conducted in multiple senior homes in Singapore.



Paolo Ty

Producer & Writer

Jacqueline Tan