Her Artful Way of Helping Wildlife

Suzi Chua tells us how she’s using her talent especially for the animals.

Stare down into a teacup of fish. It’s hypnotising.

This is what resin artist, Suzi, creates -- intricate acrylic 3-dimensional paintings of fishes and turtles, cured in a clear resin, making the animals look extremely lifelike.

As one of a handful of resin artists in the region, Suzi wanted to use her creativity and vision to create art that would inspire people. Not only does she make resin art pieces, but she also creates beautiful canvas paintings and stone art of pets and animals.

“[Art] can give you visual impact - for you to want to do something about what you see,” Suzi says. “I want to do more than just exist.”


She sees a greater purpose than simply making art, she wants her art to be able to connect with people and give them a different perspective on the things around them.

Suzi shares art with everyone she knows, and wants to make a positive difference in any way she can. Together with a local Malaysian social enterprise, iPhilosophise, she hopes to use art for social change.

iPhilosophise works with a number of brand artists in Malaysia to produce art that contributes to causes that help pets, wildlife, nature and the environment. Like a ripple in water, the organization hopes to spread good through art.

You can find out more about iPhilosophise and take a look at more of Suzi’s art on their website.

About iPhilosophise

iPhilosophise is a Malaysian social enterprise that uses art to advocate for animal rights and environmental protection. Each piece of sold or commissioned artwork contributes to a social cause.