6-9 minute view

A Quiet Ripple

A multi-plot interactive story of a father’s journey in coping with the aftermath of his son’s failed suicide attempt.

This interactive video shows what a mental health caregiver might experience - from dilemmas, to a need for support. The choices you make will have an impact on how the story ends. Experience it to better understand the lives of caregivers.


Created in consultation with Caregivers Alliance Limited (Singapore) to fairly and sensitively reflect the lives of caregivers and those they care for, this interactive video aims to build empathy for caregivers by helping us understand the challenges they face, and how every action, as simple as it may be, could impact them and those they are caring for.

Learn more about mental health, caregiving, how you can better support yourself or those in need with practical tips in our facts and resources section. You can also hear from others and join in the conversation in our community forum.



Director, Producer & Editor

Sabrina Poon


Shawn Khoong


Jolinna Ang , Justin Ng & Gabriel Yip


Tay Kong Hui


Ronald Goh

Support Peers

Zalifah Ibrahim , Teo Feng Yi Gracie , Yin Feng , Ng Zhi Fan & Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL)

Art Director

Anthea Ng

Art & Production Assistant

Dominic Ng

Makeup Artist

Diane Chen

Script Supervisor

Amanda Tan

Assistant Producer, Sound, Audio Post & Editor

Wayne Chia

Executive Producer

Sharon Pereira

Your Support Toolkit

Your Support Toolkit

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