7 ways to feel great this Christmas

So much to do in the Christmas season, so little time.
7 ways to feel great this Christmas

We've put together a list of things to do, savour and enjoy that we think will leave you feeling fantastic this season.

Bonus prize: there's a good chance you'll help others feel great while you're enjoying yourself.

Eat heartily 

Christmas calories don't count, so indulge away! We've assembled a list of outlets around Southeast Asia where you can inhale some seriously great food and beverages.

Cook up a storm for others 

Ever wondered what it's like to cook for up to 5,000 people? Fret not, you'll be in good company at Willing Hearts, where every day, volunteers cook hot meals for those who might otherwise go hungry.

Buy meaningful gifts 

Get something meaningful for your friends and family, and give yourself a treat too. Here's some unique online stores you can get good gifts from.

Get the party groove going

Take a dance lesson from the Pluspoint group and you and your friends can have some coordinated - even slick! - moves for that Christmas party. At the very least, we guarantee it'll be a hoot. Alternatively, let the professionals take care of the entertainment by hiring them to spice up the party.

Share the festive joy    

Beyond physical gifts, there are other special ways you can spread the festive cheer. Here's a list of our favourite places to give.  

Help a worthy cause win $5,000

Help someone doing good in Asia win $5,000 so he or she can do more good. No tricks. It really is that easy. All you have to do is vote online for your favourite Good Story of the Year. 

Update: This competition has closed.

Shed those calories 

OK, we lied. Christmas calories do count. But the good news is that you can mitigate your guilt by running with the blind or those with special needs, dancing with elderly aunties and uncles who can Zumba like you wouldn't believe, or playing tennis with the blind (that's right, they can play tennis!).

Merry Christmas, Everyone!



Josh Lye