For Rachel

Banker celebrates friend's life by offering palliative care to some of Indonesia’s poorest.

How do you grieve?

Lynna Chandra grieved by setting up a haven to provide end-of-life care for some of the poorest children in her native Indonesia.

She did this after caring for, and witnessing the death of, her close friend who fought cancer for 13 years.

Lynna decided to commemorate Rachel Clayton’s life by setting up Rachel House.

“No child should have to die in pain,” the former banker says.

So she channels her grief into caring for the dying, helping them to die in dignity, comfort and peace.

Rachel House is a partner of the Singapore International Foundation.

About Rachel House

Established in 2006, Rachel House is a pioneer in palliative care in Indonesia, serving children from marginalised communities. To date, it has helped over 2,800 children and families, and trained over 4,400 medical professions to improve capacity in this field.



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