With thanks, on Giving Tuesday

Thanks for believing with us that stories can change the world.
With thanks, on Giving Tuesday

The most valuable lesson we've learnt this year is that we are not alone.

We've found the most amazing people doing good who've trusted us to tell their stories, content creators who do the telling with us, and many who help share our stories far and wide.

People who, like us, believe that these stories can change the world.

So to celebrate Singapore's very first Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving, we wanted to give thanks to you and with you, you who have walked this road with us.

What a treat to see our community physically coming together for the very first time, having dinner at the new Dignity Kitchen, a social enterprise that trains disabled and disadvantaged people to run food stalls.

So many meaningful conversations, new friendships made, new opportunities discovered.

And how fun, too, to learn some sign language together from Uncle Peter, Dignity Kitchen's deaf drink stall operator.

Fitting, since 3 December is also International Day of Persons with Disability.

Best part of the evening? Learning that our community raised $1,100 for Dignity's Elderly Treat programme, which means 55 seniors will get to be treated to lunch and an afternoon city tour this month.

So thank you, for giving with us, encouraging us, and showing us that we're not alone.



Noelle Perera


Wei Yuet Wong