Have You Ever Seen a Terrapin Smile?

Former egg poachers are saving river terrapins in Malaysia. You can help too.

Many people think that conservation projects only help nature or animals, not people.

But the villagers of Kampung Pasir Gajah in Terengganu know that the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) not only saves turtles and terrapins, it benefits the villagers too.

These villagers often have few economic options, and they poach eggs from turtles - even endangered ones - to make a living.

But through the education and involvement of TCS, a non-profit that focuses on the conservation of freshwater turtles and terrapins, the villagers have found a new source of income doing the opposite of egg poaching.

In fact, some of the villagers have fallen in love with the turtles and terrapins (who can blame them?) and now work hard to conserve and protect them.

Take Pak Wazel's family, for example. He and his son, Azmi, are involved in the conservation project as members of the Geng Tuntung (Terrapin Guardians).

And his daughter, Nurul, who runs a food stall, gets extra business when TCS gets her to do the catering for its outreach programmes.

So adopt a terrapin or seven, and see your good multiplied, because what's good for the terrapin is good for the terrapin guardian.

Help the non-profit Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia restore depleted wild populations of freshwater terrapins and turtles through research, conservation, education and public outreach. 

About Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Founded in 2011, this Malaysian non-profit and NGO dedicates its efforts for turtle conservation. Conducting research, education, public outreach and volunteer activities, they hope to recover the depleted wild populations of turtles.


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