How to Throw a Party for a Good Cause

Let Catherine help you celebrate special occasions with a purpose.

It’s your birthday, and besides celebrating with family and friends, you want to share the day with others who may not have the chance to celebrate their own. MyBirthday Foundation wants to help you do just that.

Based in Manila, Philippines, Catherine Vital founded MyBirthday Foundation for those who wish to throw a party in support of a cause or individuals in need.

She works with charities and institutions to plan these celebrations. Those who sponsor the parties can participate in the event, and invite friends and family members along too.

Catherine aims to encourage volunteerism, generosity and selflessness by spreading “one’s blessings to others”.

Through the organisation, you can celebrate your birthday with different segments of society, including children, prisoners, and the elderly. You can also choose a specific cause to champion, such as protecting the environment by planting trees or cleaning up the beach.

But Catherine does not want to limit the occasion to just birthdays -- think anniversaries, or any other special event in your life.

And if you do not live in the Philippines, but would still like to contribute, MyBirthday Foundation makes it easy for you to do so.

Take Leedel, a Filipino working in Doha, Qatar who simply donated some money to MyBirthday Foundation. She requested that a party be organised on her behalf for the children at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

The single mother explains why she chose to give to children, who are ill, “I know the feeling of having a child, and how important the child is to you, and how much you want to care for her, and make her happy.”

When she saw the kids in the video, she cried, “Despite the pain they are experiencing, they still managed to smile.”

Catherine emphasises that it is not what or how much you give, but the thought that counts. She says one student was apologetic about only having enough to buy sandwiches, but she explained that it still means a lot to someone unable to afford three meals a day.

MyBirthday Foundation helps you to celebrate special occasions with purpose.

And what could be a better present than bringing a smile to others, as your loved ones have done for you.

You can celebrate your birthday with MyBirthday Foundation, or volunteer as a party facilitator, or a host for the beneficiaries.

About MyBirthday Foundation

MyBirthday Foundation was set up in 2012 in the Philippines to help people to throw a party in support of a cause or individuals in need. The foundation works with charities and institutions to plan celebrations and connect them to sponsors.



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