We tell stories to inspire you to act. Read more

Making waves with every drop

Access to safe water allows these villagers to send their children to school.

Brewing their way out of the sex trade

Visiting Phnom Penh? Feel at home with Daughters of Cambodia.

Her best chance out from being trafficked is you

Human trafficking is happening in Singapore. Learning to recognise the signs could spur you to help.

She changes our world like a livewire

Women doing what makes them come alive is exactly what we need

Enjoy the magic of a simpler life

For your next getaway, be hosted by the warmth of Thailand's Karen Hilltribe.

We tell stories to inspire you to act. Read more

Brewing their way out of the sex trade

On your next trip to Phnom Penh, let Daughters of Cambodia make you feel at home.

What this Syrian refugee does will make you smile

He was taught entrepreneurial skills and is now reaching out to other refugees

Having the courage to laugh

Laughter is another side of courage. It lightens your spirit when things don’t go your way.

They get letters from a three-legged dog

Mongrels and strays bring happiness to homes in India

Why belly rubs can be the best therapy

Telly the therapy dog shows these youth how to trust and be trustworthy.

How a dog's belief in a child helped her believe too

It doesn't matter what your trouble is, Telly the therapy dog will listen without judging.

Why this amazing soccer player said no to the big leagues

And how the next generation is being groomed on and off the field to build Cambodia's future

Standing tall in waters deep

Underwater and out of their wheelchairs, these persons with disabilities are free. They can't walk but they can dive, because in the water, we're all the same. 

Skateboarding like a girl

You've heard of #LeanIn and #LikeAGirl. Now meet #SisuGirls.

Two faiths, one roof and a shared humanity

Watch what happens when a Muslim girl stays in the home of a Christian family in Indonesia.

This is one 'tourist trap' you'll love

Discover Asia, develop an artistic skill, do a good deed - all at the same time.

'His face transformed'

A stern-looking man teaches a photographer that we often miss out on meeting lovely people.

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