She empowers others, for a better world

What makes a woman powerful? When she gives others the strength to make a positive difference.

When Amy Blair sells a purse in her Batik Boutique in Malaysia, she is empowering the mother who made it, by giving her a secure income to support her family.

When Amala Menon organises a SaveAGram homestay in rural India, she is helping a village preserve their traditional way of life.

When Wei Ng counsels trafficking survivors who come to Hagar Singapore, she is giving them the safe footing they need to start a new chapter in their lives.

And they are among the women we want to celebrate this International Women’s Day.

These women work relentlessly to empower others to build a better world.

Take Catherine Vital, who started MyBirthday Foundation so that people could celebrate their birthdays with purpose. Her foundation made it possible for Leedel, who was working in Qatar, to throw a party in for children in a hospital in the Philippines.

Or Suzi Chua, whose uses her art to support causes that advocate for animals and the environment, through iPHILOSOPHISE in Malaysia.  

Nusrat Khan Pahade, meanwhile, started Cactus Foundation to tackle the issue of child sexual abuse in India — by teaching children how to protect themselves, and by giving survivors a safe space to speak up.     

These women make it possible for others to claim control of their lives, or give back to a cause. They empower others. That is what makes them powerful in our eyes.

We salute their strength and celebrate their lives this International Women’s Day.



Director & Editor

Anshul Tiwari


Yanqin Lin