Just Do Lah!

Stories of Singaporeans who see the needs of others and and are doing something about it, be it here at home or across Asia. Delve into their “Just Do Lah” grit.

Visually-impaired chefs dream of opening a cafe

Many think that it is impossible to cook if one cannot see. The visually-impaired chefs at Fortitude Culina prove them wrong.

Impart-ing a Life Worth Living

Empowering youths to support each other in overcoming life’s challenges.

06 Oct 2021

Sanctuary Care: A safe space for kids, a respite for parents

Through Sanctuary Care, a mother finds respite and healing to become a better parent.

Old is gold: Champs give back

Singaporean seniors support hospital’s healthcare programme.

18 Aug 2021

Compassion in a crisis: Singaporeans with a big heart

This National Day, we celebrate Singaporeans who stand in solidarity with their international friends amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

Human-macaque conflict takes two hands to clap

As conflicts between humans and macaques increase, ACRES is working towards creating a compassionate society that lives in coexistence with wildlife.

03 Mar 2021

Beacon of hope in Myanmar

Zaw Mar Wu’s future shines bright with the help of Global Village of Hope who believes in the power of education.

20 Jan 2021

Bringing ‘Dad-dication’ to parenting

When a community of dads come together, the lives of families get uplifted.

Dear NeW-I, my child has a chronic illness...

The NeW-I app offers a safe space for parents of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses to process their journey

25 Nov 2020

Compassion Fatigue: A mental health caregiver's story

Through an NGO for mental health caregivers, a group of them finds solidarity and support by sharing their journey publicly for the first time.

07 Oct 2020

Far away from home, but not forgotten

Migrant workers in Singapore struggling to cope under lockdown are getting the support they need from the community.

Safe haven for the homeless

Transit Point @ Margaret Drive offers the homeless in Singapore more than a roof over their heads.

With GoodHood, kampung spirit is only a tap away

The GoodHood app turns online communities into real-life friends.

Unstoppable in a crisis: Singaporeans doing good

At home and abroad, they continue to build solidarity with international communities during the pandemic.

Four Singaporeans, one united purpose

In the midst of a pandemic, these individuals stay true to their calling to help those in need, at home and abroad.

SilverGood - bringing online cheer to the elderly

Seniors having fun and making friends digitally during COVID-19

20 May 2020

#OpsRoofUp - a lifeline to others and oneself

From struggle to strength, one Singaporean entrepreneur turns a personal crisis into public good during COVID-19.

Turning towards autism

Volunteers befriend children with autism, teaching them new skills at home

08 Apr 2020

A class act for migrant workers

Six years. 7,500 students. SDI is on a mission to future-proof vulnerable communities through affordable education.

It wasn’t just me — a journey from hopeless to hopeful

Struggling with mental health? Over The Rainbow makes sure you never walk alone.

07 Oct 2019

Rediscovering life in death

Their kids took their own lives, but these bereaved mothers have turned grief into support for other youth living with mental illness in Singapore.

07 Oct 2019

Young and pregnant? These Babes got you

Babes is a non-profit that helps teens cope with unexpected pregnancies

23 Aug 2019

A labour of love for our silent workforce

This National Day, we celebrate those who strive to improve the lives of low-wage migrant workers who help build our city.

Friendships shaped by a pair of scissors

Free haircuts start conversations with the marginalised and poor.

A cultural space for migrant workers? Hit play

At Dibashram, the day’s toil falls away, and poets and musicians emerge.

When the best medicine is to serve

HealthServe makes sure that sick or injured workers always have a place to go.

Seeking shelter, they found HOME

Since 2004, HOME has helped thousands of migrant workers in Singapore seek redress when things go awry.

Bringing the spirit of community to our migrants

Project Chulia Street promises food, fun and friendships at fiestas held at workers’ dormitories.

Rebuilding a community starts at home

Residents resettled into block 52 Cassia Crescent find solace and support from volunteers of the Cassia Resettlement Team.

18 May 2019

A friend for life and death

Elderly living alone find peace in Tommy’s promise to fulfil their last rites

04 Apr 2019

Shattering the barriers that silence us

Living with tinnitus can deafen the world around you, but for Grace, it has heightened her sensitivity to disability

Creating change? It takes a community

This National Day, we celebrate Singaporeans who make it possible to give back together — for greater good.

Have dementia? Don’t forget to dance

Her mother may forget, but at Memories Cafe, she makes new memories for the both of them.

19 Sep 2018

Unearthing future leaders in rural Myanmar

Young minds sparkle, as a local and Singaporean spread the joy of education to kids from poor families.

12 Sep 2018

Meet the man whose light keeps shining brighter

Social entrepreneur inspires the young to “dream bigger”.

25 Jul 2018

Friends doing good, across borders

A Filipino and Singaporean giving abandoned and orphaned kids a better life.   

18 Jul 2018

The only silicone cup a woman needs

Freedom Cups provides women with an eco-friendly, sustainable and hygienic option to manage their periods.

11 Jul 2018

How can a mother behind bars bond with her child?

New Life Stories is giving imprisoned mothers a chance to connect with their children — through storytelling.

09 May 2018

Hold their paws, and they will hold your heart

These animal lovers show us what it means to love unconditionally; by rescuing, adopting, fostering and feeding our furry friends.

25 Apr 2018

Free food for the community, by the community

Can free meals for those in need build stronger communities? Free Food for All believes so.  

A baby’s last moments, wrapped in love

These women transform wedding gowns into clothing for a baby’s last rites.  

07 Mar 2018

Their music turns strangers into friends

Volunteer Guitar Connection is strumming away the blues, one song at a time.

31 Jan 2018

The 2-year phone conversation that changed her life

A helpline caller searches for her phone counsellor 20 years later to thank him in person. Showing us how the words we offer can warm the soul, continue to resonate, and take root in others many years after.

25 Sep 2017

A young caregiver’s raw words to her father with Alzheimer’s

No one taught Melissa how to feel when she watched her dad slowly slip away. Now, she shares her memories to inspire other young caregivers in their journey with dementia.

12 Sep 2017

With love, from Singapore

In celebration of all Singaporeans who have inspired us to give back with love, at home and beyond.

A single love that will fight for family

Family means different things to different people. A single mother shows us its worth in gold.

10 May 2017

Do you judge when you see a child on the floor, screaming?

Singapore actor, Adrian Pang shares what he learnt on autism and what it means to us as a society.

What this father dreams for his autistic son

Photographer, Bob Lee, freeze frames his days of raising a son with autism so that we can understand.

Her best chance out from being trafficked is you

Lilis’ story could happen in any Singapore neighbourhood. Learning to recognise the signs of exploitation could spur you to help.

08 Mar 2017

The one way this Singapore gardener knows to help

“When you do something that has meaning to you, you don’t have time to think about pain.”

17 Jan 2017

How a dog's belief in a child helped her believe too

It doesn't matter what your trouble is, Telly the therapy dog will listen without judging.

26 Sep 2016

Why belly rubs can be the best therapy

Telly the therapy dog shows these youth how to trust and be trustworthy.

12 Dec 2016

'The frosting is green!'

A boy's generous heart and humorous wit helps his family to live as normal a life as possible with an incurable rare disease.

06 Sep 2016

This doctor orders you to laugh, cry and sing

Clown doctors offer patients smiles to lift their spirits and compassion in their darkest moments.

29 Jul 2016

The deaf can teach you to listen better

Connect through the language of silence, over a cup of tea. 

Cycling with Aunty Annie

A souped-up trishaw and an unlikely friendship = all kinds of happy.

25 Apr 2016

Battling cancer with style

A practical way to help cancer patients: give them the power of hair.

27 Jan 2016

Your 'no big deal' gesture can save a life

Bone marrow donation sounds scary but it’s not. It’s as simple and safe as donating blood.

15 Sep 2015

In his teacher's footsteps

A trip to Nepal makes such an impression on a teenager, he goes on to scale Everest and raise funds for the school he volunteered at.

21 Jul 2015

Seeing through the lens of good

How can a film help build a house? These youths show us.

21 Jul 2015

Confronting death with pets, music and good hair

Simple ways for you to help someone make the most of the moments he has left.

07 Jul 2015

Friendship, family and fulfilment

What one family gained from a year volunteering together in Timor-Leste.

20 May 2015

Close your eyes. Now let's play tennis

They've played tennis greats. Now they're aiming for the Paralympics. And yes, they're blind.

It wasn't that hard to be friends

Senthil and Sok Hwee: an uncommon friendship that helped a migrant worker feel at home in a foreign land.

The fear to volunteer

Honest views from regular people on commitment, working with strangers and whether volunteering is even useful.

25 Nov 2014

Grandma's got the zumba moves

Find out what gets granddad out of his wheelchair and moving his feet.

19 Nov 2014

For sharks' sake, take a vacation

Help fishermen and sharks just by exploring secret beaches and enjoying pristine snorkelling sites? Yes, please.

30 Oct 2014

Lost her voice and found her song

Crystal thought she’d lost it forever. What the singer did in response made her stop seeing herself as a victim.

01 Sep 2014

Crutches can't stop her from...

Entrepreneur with cerebral palsy: "My booth is special because I'm helping someone else too."

Gangster, addict, dancing queen

She's got a secret weapon to reach troubled youth.

05 Aug 2014

'Football really changed my life'

Tough footballers who give everything on the field inspire others with cerebral palsy to join them.

Cleaning up like a boss

Business school for domestic workers helps them become entrepreneurs.

26 Mar 2014

'I'm not here to change the world'

How can cool recycled bags keep women from selling their children?

18 Feb 2014

A run like no other

Running with a buddy takes on a whole new meaning at Runninghour.

Why these kids love school

Every child known deeply and loved tops syllabus.

09 Jan 2014

Mothers light up Indonesia

Empowered women in Indonesian island communities bring light to lives. 

13 Dec 2013

Feeding thousands in Singapore

What does it take to feed thousands of people in need every day?

Seeing to their future

Two mothers go beyond helping their children with low vision.

10 Oct 2013

Kitchen of cheer

A piano teacher's defining moment on the streets of Siem Reap.

Fluking around India

Find out more about the charities Renyung and Adrien are supporting and how to get involved.

Lending a broken hand

A teacher volunteers to help children from slums and learns so much from them along the way.

09 Nov 2012

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